Vital Information Related To Bartending Training

Bartending is a fun profession and can be a permanent career choice rather than just a part time gig to make money as a student. Those who enjoy the social and appealing travel potentials of bartending can find various bartending training courses to attend that will help to hone their skills and provide a platform from which to find the best sorts of bartending jobs. Bartending training is normally offered at a hospitality school where all aspects of managing a bar are covered.

Bartending Training Courses

Bartending training courses can be found as part of hospitality programs, but there are also a large amount of independently run bartending training schools that offer a variety of courses. These courses range from 10 hours to 40 hours and will provide the attendant with intricate knowledge regarding alcohol, cocktail mixers and how to make them, how to pour the perfect draught, and more about bar flair tricks.

What Is Covered in a Bartending Training Course?

The bartending courses offer a wide range of topics to be covered, but the majority of them cover how to pour and mix certain drinks. No matter what setting the bartender plans to work in, detailed knowledge of how to pour and mix any drink that a patron asks for is the main job of a bartender. The training also includes learning about different types of glasses, different brands of alcohol, and the basics of flaring. Flaring is the showmanship behind being a bartender. It is when shakers are thrown into the air, the bartender spins around and the drinks are poured in an eye catching manner.

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Bartending Job Opportunities

Finding work as a bartender, especially if the job seeker has completed a bartending training course, is quite easy. Any bar, club or restaurant in your area will be open to hiring new bartending staff, although they might only hire during a busy season. Holidays are usually the best time to find bartending work. For those interested in a more stable and permanent bartending job, looking at cruise ships and beach resorts for employment is the most viable option. This also provides the opportunity for travel and earning potential is considered to be much higher aboard a cruise liner or fancy hotel.

Bartending Training Requirements

There are no set requirements for becoming a bartender, and to attend a bartending training course will not warrant the completion of any other course. There is not even a maximum age limit for entering a bartending training program. Some of the oldest students are 75 years old. However, there is a minimum age requirement of between 18 and 21 years of age depending on different states. For example, Michiganís age limit is 18, while Ohioís age limit is 21 for bartending.

Bartending Career Prospects

The career of a bartender is not short lived. Even though, bartending might sound like a studentís job, it can in fact be a full time job that lasts a lifetime. The places that are bartended in might just change. For a young trendy, up and coming bartender, they are best suited to working in a night club, whereas an older bartender will be most welcome at an exclusive gentlemanís club or country club. Some sports bars will also appreciate a slightly older bartender who can make conversation with the patrons. With bartending training as a foundation, the jobs are limitless.

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